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On The Set

Andy Schuon, president of Revolt TV & Kennedy of FBN.
The 3 of us were at MTV together in the 90's.

On the set of the "The Office" With Steve Carell
during his final week on the series.

Producing Kal Penn & John Cho at Scream Awards, Spike TV.

Interviewing Hollywood Icon Martin Landau.

With co-host Alika Ray on the set of The Vertical Chef.

With CNN President Jeff Zucker and
ExecutiveProducer Amy Rosenblum.

With authour of the New York Times best seller
"The 4 Agreements" Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Don Jose.

On the set of THE DAILY BUZZ. From left to right: Kia Malone,
Mitch English, and Andrea Jackson.

With Cindy Crawford, and film producer Joel Silver.

With the Elvis belt, Hosting the
Planet Hollywod auction.
With the "Odd Job" hat from
James Bond's Goldfinger.

With Charlie Sheen (Right), and Fred Durst (left)
at the StreetStock benefit in Los Angeles.

With Shaun Robinson and
NFL Super Bowl Champion,
Willie McGuinness.
With Home Delivery co- hosts
Egypt, Stephanie Lydecker,
and Sukanya Krishnan.

With Kurt Russell
on the set of Escape From LA.
With Ed McMahon
on the set of my sitcom.

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